Choosing to participate in a clinical research study is a very personal decision, and people choose to participate in clinical research studies for a variety of reasons. We know that participating in a research study may seem overwhelming and intimidating, but sometimes the potential benefits far exceed any uncertainty.

Volunteer participation in research studies is essential in helping to find new ways to detect, prevent, and treat diseases. Did you know that without clinical research studies, no new drugs would be placed on the market? According to the NIH, clinical trials are performed to determine if a new test or treatment works and is safe. Clinical research  can also help  evaluate other aspects of care, such as  the quality of life for people with chronic illnesses in an effort to improve these areas.

Your participation in a clinical research study is always completely voluntary and your consent to participate can be withdrawn at any time during the process.

Health insurance is not a requirement to participate in a clinical research study. In fact, most clinical trials compensate study volunteers for their time and travel while they are in the study.

Compensation is typically provided following each completed study visit, and can be helpful for students, retired folks, and stay-at-home parents to help supplement income.

Research study participants often have access to potential new treatments before the general public. Additionally, participants generally have access to doctors and other medical staff without having to wait long periods of time for an appointment.

Your participation in research studies can also have a huge impact on future generations. Your own children and  potentially even your grandchildren may benefit from your choice to help further medical research.

There are many potential benefits associated with  clinical research study participation . If you’re interested in finding out more information, browse our currently enrolling studies HERE.