About Olympian Clinical Research

Dr. Panos Vasiloudes is the founder and Principal Investigator for Olympian Clinical Research

Cutting Edge Treatment Options

Olympian Clinical Research (formerly Academic Alliance for Clinical Research) is a locally owned research group, founded in 2007 in Tampa, FL by Dr. Panos Vasiloudes. Our group conducts numerous FDA sponsored clinical research studies in hopes of expediting the approval of new treatment options. Participation in a clinical research study provides the opportunity to our patients to receive cutting edge treatment options often unavailable outside of a clinical research study.

Adult & Pediatric Phase I-IV Clinical Trials

Our group primarily conducts phase II & III clinical trials in both adult and pediatric patients. Medications studied in these phases have already been assessed for safety and proper dosages in Phase I. Clinical research studies the efficacy both short and long term of new treatment options being developed.

16 Offices, 20 Providers, & over 150,000 patients

Olympian Clinical Research is affiliated with Academic Alliance in Dermatology. Academic Alliance in Dermatology has 16 offices in the Tampa area with 20 providers and a dermatology database containing over 150,000 patients.

Our group is currently offering a variety of clinical research studies in which you can participate.