One of my favorite metaphors I frequently use in caregiving seminars is the comparison of the ostrich to an eagle. Common lore about ostriches is they hide their head in the sand when confronted with something to fear. I use this image:

Needless to say, the picture is worth a thousand words with the predominant body part facing the sky. It’s a ridiculous pose. It is the perfect symbol of an individual facing memory loss who refuses to find out more. The ostrich is the person who fears they are having memory issues but refuses to get tested. This person’s head remains in the sand while the memory loss progresses. This is the person who stops at the primary care physicians’ statement that it is just old age. It’s natural. Meanwhile when the ostrich pulls out its head, it sees more anxiety and more incidence of memory changes.

  • If you fear your brain is beginning to fail—–
  • If you have anxiety about memory loss—–

Replace the image of the ostrich with one of the eagle. The magnificent bird soaring high. Wide wingspan, eagle eyesight. Riding the thermals. Vision 4-5 times that of a human. When faced with memory issues—Be an eagle, not an ostrich.

If you are a caregiver, your vision can only improve if you resist denial. Your posterior is not exposed when you seek education. Self-care gives you the ability to fly when needed.

If you are an individual worrying about memory loss, seek diagnosis from a neurologist. Then find a team of experts for further testing. With Eagle eyes, find a clinical research center that is offering a variety of memory studies with a higher likelihood that you will qualify for one. Be willing to take an elevated view.

Olympian Clinical research center has five separate clinical research trials for memory loss at this time. Do not waste time with your head in the sand, seek information @ 813 849-5566 or visit