Kelsey Donn

Kelsey Donn

Clinical Research Coordinator

Kelsey Donn joined the Olympian Clinical Research team as a Clinical Research Coordinator in 2023, following a diverse career history rooted in hospitality and direct patient care. Kelsey’s past experiences have always been united by her drive to care for others and leave a lasting impact on those under her care.

Kelsey’s background in Cell Metabolism and Molecular Biology, an expertise she honed during her time at the University of South Florida, gives her a unique perspective in her work at Olympian Clinical Research. She finds great fulfillment in her role, relishing the opportunity to be a part of potentially dramatic transformations in the lives of patients. The constant drive for excellence among her team members, contributing to an innovative and productive work environment, is another aspect that Kelsey greatly appreciates.

Though Kelsey has a broad interest in many areas of medicine, her primary clinical interests lie within psychiatry, dermatology, and surgery. Her experiences and education allow her to bring a wide spectrum of knowledge and understanding to her role.

Away from work, Kelsey is equally comfortable constructing sandcastles at the beach or refining her culinary skills at home. As a karaoke enthusiast, you might catch Kelsey perfecting her rendition of “I Want It That Way” by The Backstreet Boys – a demonstration of her fun-loving and spirited nature.

Kelsey’s dedication to excellence in patient care and her natural affinity for teamwork make her a significant asset to the Olympian Clinical Research team.