Colin Neal

Colin Neal

Clinical Research Coordinator

Colin joined Olympian Clinical Research in 2023 as a Clinical Research Coordinator, bringing with him a rich background in clinical research from his previous role at Professional Healthcare of Pinellas. Colin plays a pivotal role at Olympian Clinical Research, with his primary duties including completing clinical visits, meticulously tracking patient progress, and ensuring all aspects of each study are documented to guarantee patient safety.

Colin graduated from Auburn University in 2022 with a BS in Biomedical Science. His passion for medicine, specifically within the fields of Sports Medicine and Cardiology, has greatly contributed to his enjoyment of his position at Olympian Clinical Research. Colin greatly values his opportunity to work closely with patients, observing firsthand the potential benefits that not-yet-released medications can bring to people’s lives. His love for the patient care aspect of his role, coupled with his dedication to contributing to the evolution of medical treatments, keeps him motivated in his role every day.

A die-hard sports enthusiast, Colin is a passionate supporter of the Tampa Bay Rays and Buccaneers, as well as any team representing Auburn University. He is equally at home as he is relaxing at the beach, providing a balance to his busy professional life

Colin’s commitment to patient care, medical advancement, and personal integrity makes him a key part of the Olympian Clinical Research team.